An Excerpt from the sequel to Alleys and Broken Dreams: Going Home

“Hello?” Don ran a hand over his face; his stubble made a slight scraping noise in the silence. On the other end of the phone he could hear someone breathing, a whistling sort of inhale and a stuttering exhale and the sound of traffic in the background. He thought maybe someone had stolen Stephen’s phone and was having a little bit of fun with his contact list but before hanging up he gave it another try. “Hello?”

“I’m gay;” Stephen stated bluntly. Don had suspected as much for a while but it made no difference to him. Stephen was trying to quit smoking but Don could hear the unmistakable sound of someone exhaling a drag. “It’s Stephen by the way.”

“Yeah, I know; thanks for the heads up;” Don responded sleepily. “But its three o’clock and I think that PSA could’ve waited til morning. If you’re looking for some friendly advice for erections lasting more than four hours you should see a doctor and stay out of your dad’s Viagra.”

“Jesus Christ! That’s not why I’m calling; Ahole.” Stephen snorted then started coughing; the coughing was interspersed with curses. When he spoke again his voice was laden with pain. “Don’t make me laugh; I need help. I feel horrible for calling but I don’t know who else to call.”


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