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Miley Twerking… *YAWN….*


Really I could care less, almost everything they do is to bring in sales or keep themselves relevant. Was I offended by her twerking no… but she looked like the steroid girl Jim Carey used to play on: “In Living Color”. People our society is not going to fall apart over a nipple covered by a pastie (JT and Janet at the Superbowl” it’s not going to fall apart over a young girl behaving in a way that isn’t “ladylike”.

We all make choices of how we want to be portrayed, what we want to have people think of us. If she can live with it, then so be it. We should make up our own minds and move on, but to waste our time making it a massive news story when there’s people dying in Syria and other parts of the world…

I believe we’ve got our priorities skewed, shouldn’t we be more concerned about other topics? Should we be teaching our kids to be more concerned with a celebrity’s antics than REAL issues? Really what kind of message are we sending our kids?

Yeah son/daughter… I know there’s chemical weapons being used against people in another country, I know a girl got shot in the head because she wanted to go to school and learn BUT THAT’S not important! Look at Miley Cyrus dancing on this show! We should be outraged!

PUHLEASE!!! Give this thing the 5 minute discussion it deserves and move on!


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