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Imagine (Daily Prompt)


As a writer I often see people and things that spark my imagination, I often create books based on those sparks. I drove by a park near dusk and noticed a woman sitting in the playground swinging gently. There were no children nearby, she was simply alone and slowly, softly swinging and I wondered why? What brought her to this park at this time and why was she alone?

I had at least two theories ranging from sad to romantic… I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to flesh out so I wrote them both. 

1) A date:  Something very romantic about that.. but why was she alone? Was he late? Had she been stood up? 

2) A loss: Had she lost a child? Was this the anniversary of that date? How had she lost this child? Was it a missing child that she returned everyday to wait for? Was this somewhere she and her sweetheart came? Had he passed in some way? 

Everywhere around me I see the opportunity for a story. I often imagine what other people do in their lives. 


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