While reading a blog today I came across something that encouraged me to keep with what I’m doing and so I asked her if I could use something from the post in one of mine. I was graciously granted permission. (From Blog: http://angloswiss-chronicles.com/)

The poster had a picture of a lovely purple orchid amid some white orchids it was the only one and stood out beautifully against the others. She had said that some time go she’d thought it was dead and was going to toss it into the trash.  Now here it was in all it’s lovely purple-ness, something quite lovely.  And to think that it had almost been tossed out.

Sooo many times as I’m writing I’ll get discouraged. The characters aren’t doing what I want, or they’re behaving badly. Yes I’ve lost control over my creations and realized the “good guy” was complete jackwagon while the “bad guy” was actually more likable and nicer… and I want to scrap them instead of working with them and giving them a chance.  Or a story line that seems like it isn’t going anywhere and I’ll send it to the old recycle bin.

Maybe with a little work they’ll become my purple orchid standing out against the other works.  I found encouragement in this, maybe you will too? If you’re working on something, whatever it is… don’t give up on it… give it a chance to blossom into something beautiful.  


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