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This is easy… The last thing I was sooo giggly and excited about was launching my first book. I put Alleys and Broken Dreams: Going Home on Amazon.com. I couldn’t wait to see those numbers and rank move up and down as they sold or did not sell. I was all alone, my hubby was running errands, I have no idea where my son was, but he wasn’t home. I hit refresh sooo many times I think I wore the mouse button out.

After the first one sold I jumped up and down and crowed happily. “I’m an author!! Omg I’ve sold something… what do I do now?! OH! Hit refresh again!” I sat back down and hit the refresh button.. and another had sold only a few had sold I was so excited I didn’t know what to do. Dreams of  a television series oh or maybe a movie deal danced in my head. That was okay I was prepared for both! See, I always write my books with someone to play them in mind or I decide within a few chapters.

With no one home, and me being ridiculously excited I had to call someone. Who would I call? I called one of my favorite cousins that I hadn’t talked to in probably years and I probably burned her ears off with a flood of information. 

The excitement of selling a book hasn’t diminished much I still get insanely excited about the books selling, I check it daily like an obsession, You know when a dog’s waiting for their favorite person to come home and their ears perk up whenever they hear something they think it MIGHT be that person and that excited little thing they do…  but then it’s not the person and they huff and plop back onto the floor to go back to waiting. 

That’s me..

When I check I’m all excited and waggy… sometimes for days, but then… if there’s nothing that day I huff and plop down to write on the next one. And I’m the same way with reviews, oooh I get nuts about them… mostly over the good ones of course, but even the ones that are mixed are good..  Sales and Reviews bring excitement. 

So far I’ve got 2 books out there… (working on a 3rd it’s a sequel to Alleys) sometimes I  check early in the morning to see if anything sold over night. Sometimes I make myself wait and use  the chance to check as a reward, kind of like the scratch off lottery tickets.

I never know if it’ll be  a reward or a punishment but one thing is for sure…. and that is that everyday is interesting! I hope I never lose that excitement for my books, the process.. the fans, the detractors. 

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