Daily Prompts

Daily Prompt: Thanks


I’m so thankful for many things throughout the day… today I’m thankful that power went out at work and gave me a 30 minute break from the rantings of my customers. I’m in customer service, it’s my job to be yelled at and blamed for just about everything… from Obama to global warming and back.  Sometimes I just need a break and today I got one. I am also glad I’m employed when there’s soo many who aren’t. 

I’m thankful that I can see again. See I broke my glasses this weekend and had to get new ones… I went to the optician but my glasses won’t be in for 2 weeks. Everything was blurry but I could still see somewhat.. thankfully my doctor gave me a pair of contacts to try out until my glasses come in. So I can see again. 😀

I’m thankful to the people who bought my book today and the people who take time to read my blog… humble as it is and boringly named as it is. 

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