Daily Prompts

Daily Prompt: Surprise…


Jenna Thompson stretched and yawned. Her sleep had been deep and restful, even the sunlight shining through the window made her smile. For the first time in a long time she’d slept well and didn’t feel like she needed more sleep.

She reached over to turn her digital clock around to face her so she could find out what time it was. Her smile faltered as her eyes settled instead on two purple wrapped Hershey’s kisses. Brown eyes widened as her brows knit together and she sat up in bed resting the candy in her hand.

“Oh Rick…” Jenna sighed in a voice full of longing. She had no idea how he’d managed to get those candies to her, but she knew it was his way of saying that they’d be together soon. “I can’t wait to see you again!”

“Why wait?” Rick asked from the doorway.

Jenna frowned, her expression thoughtful and troubled. After only a moment’s hesitation she grinned and climbed out of her bed as he stretched out his hand. He’d given her one kiss on their first date and then another on their wedding day.

That was 55 yrs ago… and he’d passed on 5 years ago today.

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