Daily Prompts

Daily Prompt: dialouge

“Adrian let me in!” Jonathan yelled frantically pounding on the heavy wooden door, normally he would have splintered the door into toothpicks but this one was spelled and even he couldn’t get in by force. Getting no response from the other side of the door he resorted to begging. “Please; let me in. You can’t do this. ”

“Go away!” Adrian’s normally smooth voice was twisted and harsh, full of pain and mental anguish. “Go away Jon; there’s nothing you can say or do to change my mind.”

The last part was a mental reply; talking apparently taking more strength than Adrian had at the moment. He’d revealed far more information than Adrian had meant to share with him. Jonathan recoiled from the door. So much pain, and hunger, Adrian was on the edge of madness!

“Good God! How is it that they kept this from me for so long?” He despaired. Adrian.  It had to be done, don’t you see? It was the only way to save you!  There was no reply.

“Adrian! You open this damned door right now!” Jonathon punched the door with such force that splinters of wood drilled into his hand leaving behind a bloody dent in the door. “You dare to defy a direct order from your Sire?”

“What are you going to do about it? Kill me?” Adrian sent back giggling.

He had a point! Damn him! Jonathan threw all the power of his body against the door, shaking it on its hinges. Again and again he threw himself against the door. He could feel Adrian weakening. He knew that eventually the wards would drop and the door would give way; but with dawn approaching, Jonathan didn’t have time to wait.  “Open the door, and let me in.”

“Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin! Go away Jon!”


“Damn, I must have forgotten the do not disturb sign.”


“Oh dear, he’s going to huff and puff and blow my door down.”

“Please Adrian; just talk to me for a few minute.” Jonathan leaned heavily on the door.  “If you still want to die after that, I promise I’ll leave.”

“You promise?” Adrian finally whispered after a long silence.

“I promise. Jonathan ground out and the seal fell away like a shroud. Jonathan pushed the door open with his fingertips. The room was dark, but he could still make out an emaciated Adrian lying in his bed. “My God! Adrian what have you done?” Jonathan asked sharply.

“I’ve chained myself to this bed.” Adrian stated the obvious. He held up one slender bruised wrist and the chains attached to him clinked together loudly.

“I can see that!” Jonathan held his temper in check; now wasn’t the time. “But why?”

“Diana died, Jon.” Adrian sobbed.

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