Excerpts, The Enclave Series

EXCERPT from Nwa Pante Rising by Kawanee Hamilton

“Why does this keep happening?!” Shiloh hid in the shadows as Turi peeled the t-shirt over his head, and then held it out for her to take. Her scent grew stronger as she pulled his shirt over her head. It had been skin tight on him but on her it was like a dress.

“Because you’ve just hit Nwa Pante puberty and this is your first transformation.” Turi supplied the easy answer. “It’s almost like PMS, only without- I mean your body chemistry is changing.”

“Oh god, please do not do this to me!” When she abruptly fell behind again Turi turned to see what the problem was. She’d changed again and was high-stepping so as not to step on the shirt with her back paws. His laughter echoed off the alley walls earning him another green eyed glare and a hiss. When he got his laughter under control he came over and knelt beside her again.

“Hold still.” He tied a knot in one corner of the shirt to keep it from dragging the ground. Turi made sure no cars were coming then signaled to her that it was safe to cross. Now that they were almost there, Shiloh ran ahead leaping over the fence and was waiting by the back door when he caught up with her.

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