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Daily Prompt: FIRST!!

When I was much younger, my first day on the job I was carrying a tray of food out to the dining room. It was a very busy Sunday and people were dressed in their finest Sunday-gone-to-church finery.  I swung around a blind corner and slammed into a brick wall of a preacher wearing a really really expensive looking navy blue suit. 

Cole slaw, french fries, and crumbles from the batter dipped fish went everywhere. There were pretty green and orange flakes of slaw in jet black hair, juice ran down his face and dripped onto his shiny leather shoes. I was horrified, the dry cleaning on his suit would probably cost a week’s salary; I’ve got my table wiping towel in my hand flicking pieces of food off of him and trying not to cry.  

From behind him I hear a concerned female voice ask: What’s happened? Why’d you-

He turned around to face her and the woman gasped and burst into giggles. Well that kinda made me feel better but not much, then he started laughing (thank goodness). I clean up the mess go back to get a replacement tray  of food. 

I go back to the counter an work my way through the tickets delivering food and wouldn’t you know it? He’s sitting in my section! We lock eyes as I make my way over to their table assuring him that I wouldn’t spill it on him again. 

All in all he was very nice about it, and they left me a big tip… but I thought he was going to kill me at first. So yeah… my first day on the job… was somewhat eventful. 


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