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Daily Prompt: local dialect….


Ahm from th South in theh You-nited staytes of Amurica. Born in Lou-weezieanna, Ah don’t remember much about that place cause I moved before Ah was old enuff to remember, Ah was raised in Arkansaw, then moved to Balomer Meryland. Ah was bullied up North fer my southern axe-cent,  and now ah get teased about my northern axcent. They think I say warter weird, but then up thair, they call it werter and say things like zink instead of sink… youse guys instead of ya’ll… they pronounce Oriole, like Oh-ree-ohs… and say things like… ohwe noeh….

Innyway,  jes cause ah have an axecent doesn’t mean Ah’m stewpit or innything, because when ah need to, Ah clean up intellectually alright. Ah imagine if I went to Grate Britain, I’d eventually pick up an accent there too. It’s all about the way sounds hit yer ear and human nature, yer eventually gonna pick up on what you hear around ya.

Thaz jest my two cents worth… Thank yew fer readin’! Hope you enjoyed it, and Ya’ll come back soon ya hear?!


5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: local dialect….”

      1. I’m from St. Louis, not really South, depending on who you talk to, but I just moved to the PNW. Someone was asking me where his friend went, and I said, “She went that-a way.” He laughed at me.

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