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Daily Prompt: Confusion


Okay, so I always feel like I’m out of place and I have bought a house in the Land of Confusion. It’s right past the exit to crazy town and somewhere out in left field. I have an ID now and have to keep it with me at all times; that being said since I can’t pick one instance soooo .

Instead… I give you… a day in my life in the land of confusion…


The story starts off with: A blonde, a brunette and a red head go on a cross country trip.. (you’re smiling now aren’t you?) It was me, my aunt and my sister… I’m the blonde, sis is the brunette. We set out from Texas going to Wisconsin to pick up my sister’s friend. Everything was relatively normal and uneventful (for us anyway) whenever we’d pull up next to someone at a stoplight or a stop sign one of us would randomly perk up and pretend to recognize the person in the car next to us. That person would smile broadly and wave very enthusiastically we left many confused people behind us along the way.

We made it up to Green Bay and stopped for the night at a hotel, the next morning I gave the car keys to my aunt and told her to load the car while I checked out of the hotel. It took less time than I thought and I caught up with them; my aunt gave me the key back (or so she says anyway) we get into the trunk. We load stuff up. I shut the trunk and my aunt says: Oooooooooooooooohhhh Pumpkin I love you.

That means I’ve just done something incredibly wrong/stupid or something unfortunate. I immediately cringed and asked: “WHY?!!” After a moment I also asked where my keys were now I knew I’d given them to her but I also knew that they were now locked in the trunk. The recriminations flew… you had the keys! No hunny I gave them back to you…. If you knew they were in there WHY didn’t you stop me? back and forth it went with neither of us getting any closer to a solution to our current problem. That problem being stuck in a hotel parking lot hundreds of miles from home and it was beginning to rain… in wisconsin… another problem arose. Three rather chesty women stranded outside in the rain near the interstate; we’re now getting beeped at by truckers (YAY!! *sarcasm*)

We called the police…  They were highly amused by our story and antics. After 45 minutes of trying to get into the door the nice police officer wasn’t as amused and he wiped his face and said: At least they’re not in the trunk… I said: They ARE!! He stopped working and looked very upset with us… but I told him KEEP WORKING, there’s a lever to pull that will open the trunk. He nodded and went back to work.

After another 30 minutes… we had to call a locksmith. They arrived and one man went to open the door while his partner started asking me questions. They were laughing too; 3 seconds and $65 later the door was open… the partner asked me what year it was and I just looked at him dumbfounded.

“Ummm it’s 2004? Sheesh!”

He raised an eyebrow at me and I realized….

“Oh! you mean the car don’t you?” He nodded and was grinning again. I nodded once, then started to say something, closed my mouth and nodded again then again. “I’m going to go over there… someone else do this!”

In my defense I was cold, wet, tired and more than just a little flustered by all the things going on.

PS: I did NOT have those keys.

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