Daily Prompts

Daily Prompt: Close call


I was almost to my double digit birthday (to the grown-ups that was 10 yrs old) and like most typical kids there were occasions where I didn’t want to go to school. It was one of those mornings, I tried the old stand byes: I don’t feel good; didn’t work. I can’t find my homework, (she knew I did it so I didn’t think she’d make me go and get a 0 for it) didn’t work. I put on the fake tears and whined; didn’t work. I stalled until I was sure I’d have missed the bus; but mom wasn’t having it. 

So out the door I went; still whining and complaining about how unfair it was. We lived on the corner of a small street; I got to the street and turned around to give mom one last pitiful teary pleading look. There was an explosion of metal and sparks flying I ran screaming back towards mom and the house. 

This was back in the 70’s with big American trucks, the woman driving was going way too fast, and she didn’t even see the stop sign much less the car going straight (with the right of way). The truck flipped onto it’s side and slid a good 200 ft throwing up sparks along the way, I don’t remember what happened to the car. I was far more interested in the truck that had almost hit me. 

Mom was hugging me close and comforting me, I was SURE she’d let me stay home now! I mean I’d almost been splattered all over the hood of a massive truck right? 

NOPE!!! Geez what’s a kid gotta do to be allowed to miss a day of school in this world? 

If I had just given in and done as mom had said, I would have been in the intersection instead of whining on the corner. I’ve had a couple of other close calls, it seems I’m blessed… or the universe/powers that be have some special death for me. I’ll let you know when I find out. 


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