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My would be tattoo


I waffle on this decision, one day I want one and change my mind ten minutes later.  I know exactly what I want and why… it’s simple. I want a dragonfly and I want it because it reminds me of my father. Dragonflies would land on the tips of our fishing poles and buzz our heads. He taught me that they were voracious eaters of mosquitoes, showed me their metallic rainbow eyes, and I thought they reminded me of helicopters… and they were so beautiful. To learn that they also did ferocious battle with the bad bugs, were born in the water and then took to the air… I fell in love.

They remind me of times spent with my dad, of the things he taught me and now that he’s gone it’s very important to me to have his name and a delicate rainbow winged dragonfly perched on my shoulder. I’d put his birthday and the day he died underneath as a reed for the dragonfly to perch on. 

That is why I want one…. 

9 thoughts on “My would be tattoo”

  1. My dad used to take my sister and I fishing when we were little, too. He doesn’t even like fish, but it’s one of my favorite childhood memories. Hope you get your tattoo someday and it turns out exactly how you envisioned.


    1. Thank you… one day I’ll commit to it I think.. It’s one of my favorites too. We used to get a dollar if we caught the first fish, or the biggest fish, or the most. I don’t eat fish anymore but I still love to go and just get quiet for a while.


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