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Sink or Swim! ACK!!!!! The stress!!! *grumble*


Okay! I need to strike it rich! I hate my job with a purple passion, I didn’t want this job, I told my husband I didn’t want the job and yet I took it anyway because he said they need my help. When I arrived at this place, the organization was kin to: A three ring circus, where the clown car has overturned and caught fire, there were flaming greased pigs running through catching the big top on fire and someone released a bunch of mice in the elephant cage. 

Now it’s settled down to just a three ring circus… I’m good at what I do. Organizing and customer service…. I am NOT good at nor have I ever wanted to get involved in the financial aspects of things, I don’t like the minutia and the political schmoozing involved. I don’t want to make financial forecasts… I LIKE absolutes and dealing with hard facts not smoke and mirrors, I don’t like making concrete reports and crunching hard numbers based on fog and conjecture. There’s too many things that can go wrong, too many people depending on those numbers. Each of them represents the single mom having a Christmas and keeping a roof over her head, of a young couple just starting out living on their own or going home to mom, and of my own son going to college or not. 

I don’t like speculating… especially when I cannot depend on getting what I need to keep those numbers realistic. The company is in trouble; they aren’t buying the parts we need to support our dealers and if they stop… we won’t be able to keep the sales quota…without new vehicles we won’t make our numbers. I don’t know what they’ll provide or when… it’s only 2 people in the office right now and instead of focusing on collecting past due balances, making sales…. but instead I’m forced to make a financial report. 

I did it yesterday, but today I get hit with: I need to know how you came up with these numbers…. and I need it all broken down by week and by who’s responsible for making those these numbers. Oh by the way I need it by noon! Well… BUTTHEAD!!! Instead of taking me off the MONEY MAKING tasks, how about YOU dig into the same same data I do… and do it your damn self?!!! I’ve never done it before! I don’t know how to even begin! I muddled through it, put my reservations aside and submitted my very first financial forecast…. sink or swim it’s there and we’re committed to achieve it. Now I just have to wait for it to blow up in my face when others don’t provide what we need and let me down. 

Ohhhhhh and on top of that you want an accurate inventory for a warehouse full of 4 million dollars worth of parts that is largely still in boxes because we moved almost a year ago? I just got here a couple of months ago… there’s only 5 of us now…. and you want this to happen without okaying any overtime? Soooo we need to do this on top of making the sales quota and collections I just gave you? On top of that we have 2 teens working in the warehouse who still need babysitting and one workaholic husband who is trying to do everything. We’re stretched to the breaking point here…. with the right people we’d be okay… but not with inexperienced kids.

They want me to swim with 50 lb weights tied to my feet… I am sinking… I’m overwhelmed and for the first time in years I actually broke down and cried at work. I’m ashamed I had such a moment of weakness and was so unprofessional but I’m at my wit’s end. I’m having to shred newspaper from home and junk mail for packing materials, I have to beg for paper and ink to print sales orders. We have 6K worth of parts we can’t send because we can’t get the wood to build the crates to send them. I’ve had to tell desperate companies to come get the parts because I can’t send the parts out. They keep asking for more and more and give less and less… I’ve done EVERYTHING they’ve asked me to do and more… 

I don’t know what to do… I’m worried… I moved across country to work for them with my husband. All of our eggs are in this basket, if the bottom drops out we’re in deep trouble… I wanted to get a job with another company to avoid this scenario. Instead I gave in against my better judgement, and I won’t do it again, I don’t care how upset he gets. 

At my wit’s end and rope… 

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