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Out of Reach…



I quit school when I was 16, a year later I wanted to go back. Despite all their boasts of stay in school it’s cool and commercials on TV to get people to go back the state refused to give me credit for the 1/2 year I had attended and made it so hard to get back in school that I gave up.  I decided to go get my GED. I studied, I went to the classes, and I took the test… I never got the results, the instructor died and weird circumstances arose that prompted us to move back to my childhood state. Arkansas, I decided to try and go back to school there. 

The school system there was fantastic! They went to bat for me, demanding that I get credit for the time I attended, and they got it. I wanted to cram the year and a half into one and graduate with my friends, but my counselor wouldn’t allow it. I argued and begged I even cried, I told her I didn’t care what I had to do I wanted to get my diploma with my friends, I was willing to go to night school, she argued that you’re only young once, you only get 1 senior year (usually) and that I’d make new friends to graduate with, that I’d get to go to dances, date and have a life. Something she said I wouldn’t have if I did what I planned, she wouldn’t allow it and my parents sided with her. 

Now I appreciate what they did, I had to go an extra year, I suppose that was only fair since I’d taken year off but at 17 that wasn’t something I was ready to admit. I got a job, I made new friends, I dated, I went to prom, (no date but had a blast anyway maybe in another post I’ll tell that story.) I went to the snowflake dance; I bought my senior pictures with the money from my job. I was saving up for my school ring, but a few months before graduation, I fell and tore all the ligaments in my ankle, I couldn’t work. and I couldn’t afford my ring. I had to cancel my order. 

I’d hoped that somehow I’d come up with the money and get it, but I never did. I don’t think I’ve ever made it a secret that I really wish I could’ve gotten that ring. I’d worked so hard to get that diploma and I wanted my ring. Now that I’m adult, things seem to come up and I’ve never been able to afford one or something else comes up and I forget. Every once in a while I wonder if someone will remember and get it for me as a special christmas gift, or birthday gift, all the big birthdays have passed and it hasn’t happened. 

It’s my biggest out of reach present. 

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