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Daring Do!!


Well, we’ve rescued lots of animals. I’ll give two short stories and how they went.


I was in high school, just before graduation when I kitten showed up on my doorstep. Something was wrong with it, it’s eye was all swollen and looked horrible, I thought it would die. I was working at Long John Silvers in Arkansas at the time and not making much money, but I had to do something. So I took the kitten to the vet, they told me the kitten would keep it’s eye but needed surgery… because I was a teenager, and the kitten wasn’t even mine they cut me a break and took payments for her care.

She had her surgery and came home with me. Her eye was stitched closed and she often bumped into things (pesky depth perception!) and I had her a couple of weeks (getting fond of the lil thing) before an elderly couple knocked on the door. The old woman explained that the kitten was theirs, but had gotten out when her husband had cut his hand really bad on a can of catfood and had to run him to the hospital.

Naturally they wanted the kitten back, and naturally I had to give the lil thing up. I however thought I should be compensated for her vet bill, woulda been nice but I didn’t ask. Thought they’d offer when I explained what I’d done (Spoiler alert… they didn’t!) I gave her up along with the couple of hundred I’d paid for her care. Dunno whatever happened to her, except without my help there’s a good chance she would’ve died. I prevailed in the respect she lived, but also lost because I was out a $200 and we didn’t have that kind of money.


Happened about a year ago; someone abandoned a bull mix dog on a property we managed. There was a big highway nearby, hubby called the animal control to come get him thinking that they’d find him a home or maybe someone lost him.

This dog was young and friendly, hid behind my hubby. He was not vicious, hubby called to say if no one adopted or came for the dog he would take him. Problem is…. in Texas… bull dog mixes are NOT adoptable, they are put to sleep immediately. Hubby was livid! If he’d known that he wouldn’t have called them. He begged them to administer the agression test, they said they didn’t do that for Pits… He railed against the system, he called rescue groups and put pressure on Animal Control. All over the state people were calling this small town facility raising hell, with so much attention being drawn to the situation they FINALLY agreed to put Buddy through the test. Children, food aggression, and other animals… a battery of tests really.

If he failed it was lights out for him; if he passed we had to find someone to foster him. We waited over the weekend wondering how he’d done; were we wrong? Was he really a good boy?

YES!!! Yes he was! A very good boy indeed. He passed all thier tests with flying colors! We were so excited. We had an older dog and were living in a small 2nd floor apartment we couldn’t take him. Hubby found him a foster mom and we occasionally get updates in the form of pictures on Buddy. We hear he’d found a permanent home now and we are happy. Sadly our Bear passed on months later, and although it’s been a year we are still not over it enough to get another.

But… we made a different in those two animal lives… 😀


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