Daily Prompts

Necessity is the mother of invention:



Okay, I don’t know about an invention… how about a change of mindset? I’d find a way to encourage people to WANT to invent things to combat pollution. Does that count? If so…  my idea is below.

I’d invent a fund or reward for people who invented a way to reduce pollution. Make it something people could get rich off of, reward ideas, even if someone doesn’t know how to implement the idea. Hubby had an idea of attaching big windmills to the sides of buildings in big cities… the wind generated between the buildings would blow through them and generate power to in the very least run that building. 

Maybe invention bowls!! Maybe like the superbowl… a game on TV where the best inventors of the year make inventions that compete to clean up the air, or the 5 mile long floating trash in the ocean. Companies paying premium money for INVENTA-BOWL commercials… Some big music star for the 1/2 time show… Fantasy bowls… and celebrate the intellect instead of just the brawn. 

Imagine what we’d accomplish…. 

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