Hi ho, Hi ho…. it’s off to work I go RANT

This is going to be a personal rant about work.

Work is… well it’s WORK, you go there and do things you may or may not want to do with people you may or may not like. You do this when you are sick, tired, sad, and sometimes even when you are happy, WHY?? Certainly not because you want to go somewhere and devote larges amounts of time to make someone else rich. You do it because a) you don’t have the option of sitting around mom’s house anymore b) because stuff isn’t free and we ALL want stuff c) you haven’t won the lottery yet and d) because you usually have to. 

That being said: I am working today, I should be off and Christmas shopping because I haven’t done even 1 lick of it and time is running out. What’s more is I am not a warehouse worker, I’m an office worker however because some of the children at work have not discovered or simply do not care about work ethic and consequences I will be helping the one other adult in the warehouse today. We have 3 vehicles that will generate 19K in sales IF they are done by Monday but the aforementioned children chose to play on their phones and yes even with cup-holders instead of getting those cars done.  

One of them refuses to do his job and gave me attitude about the quality control measures regarding the packaging of parts. Even after signing an agreement that very afternoon he wanted me to sign off on his work, at first I refused but then I gave in because it was more important to send the parts out than to be a stickler. I did this mainly because he wasn’t doing his job, so I’d been out there and found the parts and put them on his work station with the purchase order and I KNEW they were right, all he had to do was tape up the boxes. 

You guessed it, at the end of the day, a colossal mistake had been made. An international shipment had not been sent internationally and is now winging its way to someone who has no idea they’re getting car parts. It doesn’t matter that I didn’t know the order had been placed, it doesn’t matter that I don’t deal with international shipping. I DO deal with the Quality Control and I SHOULD have checked the orders and made sure that they were supposed to go. I could have thrown the young male (won’t call him a man yet because…. well he along with another is the topic of this rant and therefore still a child.) under the bus and said he sent them without my initials all on his own, but I’m an adult, that’s not the way I do things. I will receive a disciplinary notice by my own choice, I have asked for that to happen in a company meeting Monday morning. (as if Monday didn’t suck enough already)

I’m taking that hit for several reasons, 1) I should have checked them 2) I’m one of the wife of the other adult in the warehouse (the boss) and it sends a message to the children that no one is above the policy 3) when the child tries to tell me that he knows his job I can openly scoff and insist that he do what he is told to do 4) He’ll know that I took the hit for him when I could have (should’ve) written him up for insubordination. 5) I am not someone who shoves off fault onto someone else. 

By the way this child still lives at home with mom, his grandpa owned the building we are in up until 1 week ago and until the contract was made official he could do as he wanted (That’s about to change… poor baby.) He drives a 2013 model camaro (a gift) is rich and doesn’t have a clue about the real world. He refuses to do his job, refuses to go to the postal to ship, sleeps on the job and plays youtube or games on his phone and he lords this behavior and his pay-rate over the other child who works harder but gets paid less money. 

The other child in the warehouse was offered overtime on his next paycheck but refused to come in today because he wanted cash… well that’s not the way it works. The other child would be a good worker and probably blossom into a productive worker with a better attitude quite nicely if it weren’t for child number 1. 

I took the first child over to his work station and showed him 10 little parts that are not much bigger than a gift-box for a ring and explained to him that those 10 little boxes represented $1000.00 USD. That $1000 represented 2 people getting their paychecks…. and they were just sitting on his workstation and it was time to ship them, they were going to sit there until the next day. (or later depending on his mood I suppose) I had him box them up and make sure they went out. One of the other adults in the small company is a single mother of 3 kids, I have a 23 yr old who wants to go to college, I have house payments, car payments and a stomach that needs to be filled occasionally. We all have something to lose except for this child who seemingly doesn’t care… 

Come Monday… I might be his boss… I betcha he starts caring then…  

Meanwhile, my nails are all broken and I have dirt underneath them (not a girly girl but I still don’t like it). I’m spending time working instead of Christmas shopping and I’m not getting paid any overtime because I’m. salary… ugh! So I must vent some before heading in to feel better… it’s my paycheck for now. 

Are you still here? If so thanks for reading my rant! I do feel marginally better….. now Hi ho, Hi ho…. it’s off to work I go


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