Daily Prompt: Winner!


I’ve given this a lot of thought. If I ever won the lottery this is how I’d go about my day and life after. How I’d spend the money.


After I picked myself up off the floor, pulled all the blinds and locked the doors I’d worry about what tragedy would befall me before I could collect my winnings. There’s a price for these things, or at least that’s the way it seems. Dad was about to take his final test as a CPA and he died, mom had her first book accepted by a publisher when he died. Neither of these things were seen to fruition. 

After I carefully drove to wherever it is that you go to claim these things I’d refuse to get my picture taken. I don’t want anyone to know after all because that seems to bring about the plague of people with their hands out, family and otherwise. I would quietly buy my mother and my mother in law a house, give my hubby a buttload of money to start his own business. 

I figure he’s worked very hard to make other people very rich, there are a few things that hold him back. 1) a lack of funding for his green tech ideas and 2) He refuses to screw anyone over. 3) He has some very rich friends but he won’t ask them to help him fund his venture because he firmly believes it changes friendships. 

I’d design a house with a gym, a sound booth and a massive garage and fill it with some of his favorite cars, and send him off to a racing camp. These are things he loves to do. Sing, workout and drive awesome cars… also he does some pretty amazing artwork so I’d add that too… and art studio.  

I’d put my son through college, whichever one he wanted, on the condition that he finishes the game he was working on that I want to play. I’d take him to the doctor and get him a full medical check and take care of whatever issues he might have.

I’d get my sister’s teeth fixed but it’d be an anonymous thing.

I’d quit my job and focus on my writing and I’d go to the doctor… get my teeth cleaned… and maybe get lasik eye surgery done, although they say at my age it won’t do any good. If money is no object I’d test that theory. 

I think we’d travel for a little while and then the rest of it would go into the bank. We’d live off the interest. At least… that’s what I’d plan on doing… I guess we’ll never really know for sure, but it’s what I’d do IF…. 





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