I wish I could….

Some days… you just get so fed up with people taking advantage of you that you just want to cry or throw things. Or both… and some days you just want to quit…. today is one of those days. I wish I could… 

For Christmas me and hubby got a phone call from the owner of the company we work for saying: Without you two, we wouldn’t be open right now…. Thanks for your hard work. (No bonus, no card, no turkey, no nothing.) Now I find out that they expect me to come in over the holiday and build shelves, put parts up and then inventory said parts…. which is fine…. IF I WAS GETTING PAID FOR IT! 

They SAID they were going to leave cash for us to hire some people. They didn’t…  

I wish my circumstances allowed me the freedom to say: enough is enough… I quit! 

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