Manuscript Submission Watch: Day 18

Still no news…. I am both hopeful and worried now. Hopeful that something will be in there, and yet worried it will be a rejection. Torn between anticipation and dread of an answer.

I’m thinking maybe it was optimistic to think there’d be an answer.  Maybe I should stop checking everyday and start checking every other day? I tell myself that but then I look anyway.

Again, I’m telling myself.. everyday without a rejection is a step closer to an acceptance letter… or maybe a letter suggesting that I do some editing. Maybe I’m wrong to think that way, but I can’t help it.

They say it can take up to 90 days… I’m hoping it doesn’t take that long one way or another. 90 days is only a few days before my birthday… I dunno if I could handle the stress. Either I will get an awesome gift of an acceptance, or crushing news of rejection… 

I wonder if it gets easier? Or will I always feel this with every book? Because I do plan on continuing to try no matter what happens with this one. I have like 4 completed manuscripts and several more in various levels of completion, and new ideas pop into my head all the time. 

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