Why books are better than boyfriends.


Aww… this reminds me of when I was younger and got dumped a few days before V-day because he was cheap and didn’t want to get me anything. Some friends were sad for me and wanted to set me up with someone else. 

Why on earth would I want that?? Just to not be alone? Worse things can happen… I could get stuck on a date with a jerk. They couldn’t understand why I’d rather stay home with a good book. Yeah, it might’ve been a romance… but the guy in the book wouldn’t cheat on me, he wouldn’t hit me, he wouldn’t stand me up. 

I didn’t want to settle for anything less… as a grown up I think I’ve been pretty lucky to get as close to that ideal as I can with my hubby. He’s romantic, he’s smart.. he works hard and he cooks and cleans as well as a myriad of other things. 

Anyway.. this sums up what I couldn’t say back then.  

Don’t despair, you’ll find yours…

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