Daily Prompt: Moments to Remember….




This picture posted unexpected on my facebook wall a couple of days ago by a friend of the family is one of and linked to another of my moments to remember, although at the time it was just another birthday party. I’ll be honest, it made me supremely happy in one second and stole my breath the next. The man blowing out the candles is my father, I’m looking over his shoulder. It was his last birthday, he was turning 50. I had no idea that less than a month later he would be gone forever and this would be such a poignant moment. The picture above is one of the very last pictures taken of him and I had no idea this picture existed until this week. The timing of it is amazing because his birthday would be April 5th.

Of course, the next moment to remember would be the day I suddenly lost him. It was a horrendous experience and I will leave it at that. I prefer to remember the birthday and how we FINALLY managed to surprise him. 😀

On the other end of the spectrum: The day I confirmed that I was going to be a mother. It was a happy, scarey, upsetting mixed emotion bag. I was 19 and scared to death… my dad was my hero and he was a sunday school teacher I wasn’t married. To tell my dad was the scariest thing I’d ever done, to tell my fiance was- well let’s just say he wasn’t thrilled and he said all the wrong things. Namely I called him at work from his mother’s house and all I could hear was: *thud* oh s**t! *thud* oh s**t… he was smacking his head against the machine.  Not exactly what I wanted to hear, I hung up on him. He came around after the terror wore off and he’s been a wonderful father and great hubby.

Now, I’d like to say that another moment to remember would be when my son was born… but to be honest it’s still too fuzzy to be considered a moment to remember because I can’t. lol And of course there’s the wedding day…






Published by: Kawanee Hamilton

Kawanee was born in Alexandria Louisiana but her first real memories are of Russellville Arkansas. She's always loved to read, and has always had an vivid imagination. She grew up in a house where almost everyone read, they didn't need a TV although she could still be found planted on her butt in front of her grandma's TV watching cartoons on Saturday mornings. She made up her first story with her mother when her cat died; it was about where pets go when they die. She continued to create stories from bad dreams she had and her dad would help her change nightmares to stories. They would sit up in a chair until the scary went away. He told her that: "Dreams, good or bad, are just stories your mind makes up. You are the author of your dreams; if you don't like them rewrite them. " She was hooked and has continued to read and write stories drawing from dreams, sights and just pure imagination. She just recently decided she'd like to try and get published and fail than wonder what if. Her story continues but where it goes from here is up to you, the Reader... She hopes you'll join her in finding out where her journey goes from here!

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