EXCERPT from Alleys and Broken Dreams 2:

“Maybe I’m just a stupid homeless man but I know how hard people have it, and I know the repercussions low paying jobs are having on society even if the “learned” government types choose to ignore it.”  Peanut rambled in a low murmur. “Better paying jobs where a dad can make a living so a mom; can stay home. Or vice versa!”

“Naw man you aren’t stupid.” Robert reassured him. “Hell you got a better handle on it than those guys do; because you live it. We all do. If you could support a family on a single income; it’d make a big difference in all kinds of areas.”

“Yeah it would!” Peanut shook his head in agreement. “Crime and divorce rates and all kinds of other areas. For all their talk about war on marriage and family values keeping the minimum wage down is the real culprit in the decline of society! But den dat’s just my humble opinion.”

“Ain’t opinion, that’s some real truth, but when did you get to be so political?” Marvin pulled a double take and reared back to eyeball Peanut in surprise.

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