Daily Prompt: I walk the line…. Bill and Ted had it right! Whoda thunk it?


I’m starting off with a little history, stick with me tho, because I think you’ll agree that it’s worth it to do so. (At least I hope you do.)  I was raised in a very religious and spiritual family, went to a Baptist church since I was four or five. The schedule:

Sunday:  sunday school, regular church then return that night. (3 times on sunday) Tues night: Prayer Meeting night where we got together at church to pray for people with health/financial/emotional/spiritual needs. Wed: church  Thursday: Visitation night where we go out and invite people to our church. Saturday:Sunday School visitation where we went out to try and get kids to ride the church bus to church. And repeat…  every week all year… Then there were revival weeks… that was church every night. And almost every night we had family devotionals… where we had a short lesson or Bible Story. At 13 I was enrolled in a Christian School so basically add church every day for 8 hrs of faith based curriculum on top of all the other stuff.

Are you still here reading? Or have you decided I’m a religious zealot that probably toes the church line and hates science, global warming, dinosaurs and gay people; looks down others and thinks my religion is the only true one? Because you’re wrong. Regardless of all the religious teaching I was literally steeped in, my dad also let me read and question (some things) he taught me to think for myself and to care for anyone and everyone. 

I decided that I can meld science and my faith together, that they don’t have to contradict each other. I decided that the Bible says: God is everywhere and everything, he’s known by many names, he’ll appear to people in ways they can understand so that there’s no excuse later…. If a person can say God isn’t  this or that (Allah, The Great Spirit, Wakantonka, God, A particle, Science, Energy or anything else) then a person dictates God and limits him…. and if humanity can limit him? He’s not God..

No one knows the answers… no one knows what happens when we die until we die… and then we keep that s**t to ourselves… it’s the greatest secret ever kept.  All that being said…. and religious BS aside… Energy is not destroyed, it simply changes form.. (That’s science-y stuff there: A law of physics…) So….here’s the simplest way to go about life: 

Live your life so that whatever comes next… (heaven, hell, virgins, reincarnation, being pure energy… whatever it is..) so that you’re not ashamed of what you did when it’s over. Live it so that you don’t regret doing something, or NOT doing something. That’ll keep you pretty much on track, worry about how YOU carry yourself and you won’t worry as much about what other people are doing and you could be a good example and rub off on someone else and then they’ll be better and start off something world changing.

Wouldn’t that be something? Be excellent to each other… it’s just that frickin’ simple.   Bill and Ted had it right long ago… Whodda thunk it.

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