daily prompt: why can’t we be friends


Friendships happen when your weirdness and another person’s weirdness match up and you go forth and be weird together.  Sounds good right? But it’s too simple isn’t it? But that’s where I am in my life…. come be weird with me and we’ll see what happens… 

I won’t lie, the art of making friends seems to be lost on me. I think I’ve made friends with people and then usually find out later that…. no. I haven’t. If there’s a sure fire way to do it, someone oughta write a book about it, because let’s face it. Everyone is different and what works for/on on person, won’t on another. Our experiences in life prior to our chance encounters leaves scars and impressions.

I COULD be the best friend you’ve ever not had yet, but because someone else was a McFliphead and did something that hurt or betrayed you and you won’t give me a chance. Could be I have the same laugh, or wear the same perfume… or just do some little thing. 

Friendships take time, the few real friends I have, have been there for years. I find that it’s easier to make friends when we’re younger and keep them than to make friends later in life. Probably because of all the baggage we carry around. 

I was a people pleaser, tried to be everything to everyone… tried not to make waves, tried to be the helpful one, the friendly one, the nice one, tried not to like this person because that person didn’t like them. When that didn’t work, I tried flying under the radar. If you keep your head down and be quiet no one will notice you, they won’t make fun of you. I retreated into books… books won’t tell your secrets, the worlds inside them makes more sense. The bad guy gets caught, the good guy gets the girl, happily ever afters happen… everything works out in the end. That didn’t work either… 

And then one day I realized… for every person who doesn’t like me, there’s 4 who do. As long as that’s true, I’m happy. Now I’m me.. take me for who and what I am, or move along and find someone you are happy with. I’m funny, I’m silly, I talk alot but I also listen, I’m sweet and I’m a b***h too, sometimes I’m hardheaded, I am a pushover for a while and then I push back. (nobody likes that me) I’m not a doormat but I’ll try to understand where you’re coming from and if I can’t we can agree to disagree. I’m weird

I’m complicated and weird  SO WHAT…. so is everyone else. 

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