Me and William Shatner… in Vegas.. :D

me and shatner

Went to Vegas and got to meet….. William Shatner his show was great! Laughed a bunch, cried a little…. got to meet him, wish I could’ve told him how much I loved Star Trek as a kid, how I started looking at the sky as a home to all kinds of other strange and wonderful creatures.

How I love Sci-Fi and a million other things… he’s not just Captain Kirk… Star Trek was where I saw my first green women, and the creature that sucked salt out of people… tribbles, klingons.

His show was funny, sad and brought home that he’s a person just like everyone else. Except he played Captain Kirk for a while… his grandmother did things I know my grandma would do, maybe did do them for all I know…

Loved it! And no… I didn’t pitch my books to him… I wasn’t there for that. I was there to have fun, research some things for some books and to meet him. Going to his show was the highlight of the trip.

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