What I need to do my writing..


I moved to a house where I have my own 1/2 of the living room for my quiet time… at least I thought I did. It is perfect! It has shelves for my books, a fireplace and is divided from the other half of the living room by the big fireplace. I thought it would be great, I can’t see the TV, it’s my space… I can do a lot of writing here.

But alas that is not to be, because although the living room is divided and I cannot see the television…. I can hear it.. it’s loud and I can’t help but hear it even when I don’t want to. I’m audibly distracted by the TV… 

What I need to write it music with no words… or quiet. No TV…. no internet.. because I apparently have the attention span of a gnat anymore. Didn’t used to be that way, no not at all…. When I was younger I could read a book in English class while the teacher was teaching and when she tried to catch me not paying attention I could answer her question without missing a single word on the page in front of me. Drove her nuts! 

Not so anymore… If I had my dream writing room, it would be sound proof or very close to it. Sound dampening at the very least, it would be far from the TV, and it would be lined with shelves for the books I need to consult during my writing. Books like Baby Names, the Zen of Writing, the dictionary, the thesaurus, how to write a query letter, Writer’s Digest Guide to Publishers… eh you get the idea.


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