How I’ve been wasting my time lately…

Okay…. Sooo I’ve been watching entirely too much Naked and Afraid, I Shouldn’t be Alive, Dude you’re screwed, Human Prey and Locked up Abroad…. I’m steadily marking places on the map that no longer have any interest in visiting. (which by the way is probably the only Reality TV outside of Top Gear and Hell’s Kitchen that are actually useful and that I find worth watching.)

I’ve watched soo much of this stuff I now feel like I have a comprehensive list of things NOT to do when in other countries…. and what NOT to do when in life and death survival matches with Earth. So whenever whatever goobermeister I happen to having a misadventure with tries to do one of these things I will tell them: Good Luck with all that! All that reality TV viewing has finally paid off!

I also have seen the end of some of the I shouldn’t be Alive shows where they are in another country fighting the wildlife and I often say: And just when I thought my ordeal was over… I was caught smuggling cocaine out of Bangkok…. you can see how my story continues in: Locked up Abroad.

Head desk….


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