Poutrage: My new word… feel free to use it :D

I’ve coined a new word that will appear in my next book…. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with it, feel free to use it. A LOT….  I’m hoping to get it into mainstream use  and added to such fine ranks as: Twerk and Selfie.

Poutrage: Noun? A combination of pout and rage, pout and outrage. An over-reaction to any given set of usually trivial circumstances the results in long winded rants and/or general assinine behaviors.

Poutrage is usually characterized as a relatively small group of people or a solitary individual expressing thier outrage in effort to artificially inflate their cause to a place of importance. If they cannot achieve this goal Poutrage may escalate to new levels resulting in: unfriending, unfollowing, awkward silences around family/social gatherings and in extreme cases to more physical expressions of unhappiness. (Fights, Riots, terrorism etc)

Most often poutrage is found online in the form of a diatribe on a social media and can encompass any spectrum of topics.  Usuaully it is someone is alone in their point of view desperately trying to garner support. Poutrage (it should be noted) however is not limited to social media and can be expressed in many different settings. From churches and grocery stores, from little league games to media coverage. It can be as mild as the silent treatment or an eyeroll or as violent as riots and murder.

There are many sources from which poutrage may spring up and can be easily avoided. Topic such as: Team losses (political, sports or spiritual) and taxes, are excellent sources of poutrage and are easily avoided if one chooses to do so. Other sources are not as easily avoidable such as: not getting one’s own way, telling someone told no, deep-fried processsed chicken bits not arriving in a timely manner as deemed by the fast food patron, being dumped… etc.

Poutrage can be experienced by anyone from mothers on up to those in the highest public offices and in a variety of places. It should be considered bad form to post a video of a child (or anyone else) expressing poutrage as it weakens us as a society to giggle about it and think it’s cute. It’s not… handle that situation… quickly.  Please and thank you.

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