Alleys and Broken Dreams:, Excerpts

Excerpt from Alleys 2:

“Adam did a great job on the party.” Sarah moved to lean on the wall and look out at the festive scene on the streets below.  “I think we counted at least three television crews out there so the local media is out there eating it all up with a spoon and begging for seconds.”

“I bet that just kills you to admit.” Robert grinned. Sarah and Adam had a good-natured but often openly hostile rivalry going on between them. He’d relied heavily on Adam before Sarah had come along and it turned out that Adam didn’t like sharing the responsibilities. Sarah, an expert at reading people had picked up on it almost immediately and liked to tweak him whenever she got the chance. If Adam had heard her he would’ve come back with a smug retort and verbal sparring match that would last the remainder of the night would be sparked.

“Not at all, the media may be fickle but it seems like they always love a feel good story; it’s the nature of the beast.” Sarah shrugged pretending to misunderstand. “Philanthropic millionaire bachelor rebuilding flagging neighborhoods, those types of headlines titillate the womenfolk and they start planning weddings.”

“I see the party and champagne hasn’t dulled your sharp tongue.” Robert chuckled low in his throat and went back to watching the people below. “You do know that you are also one of the womenfolk you are so eagerly casting aspersions on?”

“I am not.” She sniffed but a smile curved her cheek as she explained why. “I have a career and a domineering boss who cannot run his business without me. I do not have time to babysit another man when I already have my hands filled with you and your company.”

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