File this under set backs: Broken Wrist… newly unemployed and frustrated!

Soooo I have a day job or rather I did have a day job at an electric car company until Thursday of last week. At this day job oh around Jan 9th I was asked to help someone with putting a rear support pillar into the back of a car. The stubborn pieces of metal framework didn’t want to go into the holes it was supposed to… I was told we were going wiggle it into place.

I’ll stop there… because my definition of wiggle… and their idea of wiggle are vastly different. I’m picturing jello…. puppies in baskets.

Wiggle:  verb.

  • move or cause to move up and down or from side to side with small rapid movements. (I don’t see anything about throwing your body-weight into something listed in there do you?)
    What I got was: the Incredible Hulk slamming into it and then a wild ride as he  manhandled metal tubing into place and I held on for dear life.
    So here I am on one end of this metal framing with my hands in (as it turns out) completely wrong position for “wiggling”.  The impact of his body into the framing was playfully transferred into my left wrist in it’s wrong position. I won’t lie, it hurt.. and I immediately knew I’d lost the confrontation with a metal frame but not how badly I’d lost. Maybe because I’m much tougher than I thought? Probably not that..
    In that moment I decided anything that he couldn’t handle on his own was something I certainly didn’t need to be a part of and went back to my gentle office work. I thought it was sprained at worst… I can move everything, but it’s a little sore. As the day goes on, this begins to change a bit. Pain increases, fingers stiffen up and some swelling kicks in. Still I am mostly unconcerned, I go to the store with my son after wrapping wrist in a support bandage. Pain increases, fingers are harder to move and I think… oooooooh it might be dislocated! I turn to my son for help (he’s 24 he can handle it.) I tell him hold my hand and I’ll pull back on it gently. There was give to it and there was pain, and we both heard and felt the pop! Immediate relief! YAY! Sooo now on to the healing!

    2 weeks go by.. not getting better.. in fact it’s getting worse. I break down and go to ER…  It’s fractured… great! Now off to orthopedic surgeon for an evaluation. He says, it had been dislocated, I have a hairline fracture and soft tissue injury due to dislocation and must spend the next 4-6 weeks in a strappy corset looking brace.

    This is NOT conducive to any writing progress and now that I’m unemployed.. no one wants to hire a person with a busted wrist and limitations so I need to write and finish my book, get some freelance work or something. I am not the patient sort, and the brace is annoying and restrictive… If I am not concreted into the cast and if the cast is not reinforced by rebar… I will take it off. It’s been almost a month since I hurt it… and 2 weeks since I got the brace..

    Umm….I’ve taken it off, and discovered that it isn’t ready for the brace to be off… even if I am ready to take it off.  Feeling frustrated… trapped… annoyed…

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