The Foosball Game this weekend: Sooo many mistakes and plenty of Blame to go around.

Everyone is screaming over the play call at the end of the game and to them I’ll say this: It’s soo easy to call AFTER the fact and from a comfy couch surrounded by all the cholesterol fueled superbowl snacks. First off… my team is the Ravens and I’m not pleased with the Pats and coach BelliCHEAT…  I was rooting for the Seahawks… and their mistakes had me headdesking soooooo hard! 
The reality of the situation is this… Pete Carroll actually did the right thing,  sorta… I mean… he didn’t expect to get in the endzone using the pass not with the close quarters of the endzone and the sheer amount of bodies.  When you’re dealing with a throw in the endzone it’s sometimes preferable to get a penalty and back up five yards to allow the players some separation room.  Carroll figured: throw the pass it’ll likely be incomplete… run time off the clock and THEN run it in.
A smart plan when you’re up against Tom Brady… give him the ball back with almost no time outs and only a few ticks on the clock. You don’t want to give Tom almost a full minute in such a tight game.
The problem is that the receiver screwed up by not paying attention. There’s plenty of blame all around… the play call honestly could’ve gone either way… if not intercepted that was likely the game winning TD…. the receiver should of taken a gander at the huge man covering him and he could’ve adjusted to keep that from happening. Instead he was caught by surprise, the patriot player swooped in like a bird snatching french fries from an unsuspecting snacker.
Even so, the game wasn’t entirely lost at that point… the Pats intercepting the ball in the endzone put the Hawks in a very unique situation. They had an amazing opportunity to still salvage the game by getting a safety and having the ball kicked back to them… then it’s a quick long ball into FG position and the win. Tom is locked up in the Endzone, hold him there… 
But nooooo Bennett jumped the line and got Brady out of the Endzone and ultimately lost the game for them.  

Soooo many mistakes!

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