ADD this morning….

 I was cleaning in the kitchen… decided the towel I was using to dry dishes was done and went into the linen closet in my bathroom to get another one. While I was there I cleaned the bathroom,  and headed back to the kitchen but then spotted the clothes waiting to be folded at the end of my bed…
started folding them..
Found a rag to wipe the counters with…  had to potty… went into the kitchen with the rag… forgot the freaking towel to dry the dishes and…. the counters are already wiped.. I didn’t need the rag at all..
Then I painted 3 of my fingernails.. not sure why and I forgot where I left my ice tea so I got on facebook only to discover my pregnant friend’s water broke at a gas station this morning.
How am I supposed to write with all this going on?

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