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50 shades of Grey…. IMHO… Hint: MYOB..

There’s a lot of ridiculous hoopla and now protests over a poorly written but wildly successful marketed book that is now a movie about a titillating subject. Obviously there’s an interest in the topic, but besides all that…. there’s a beautiful little love story hidden in the kink. It’s romantic… it’s sexy… Don’t give it anymore importance than a flight of fancy.  Spoiler alert… he learns… people change.

I don’t see the endorsement of abuse or manipulation…. it’s relationship between two consenting adults… it’s no one else’s business. Don’t let your young daughters watch it… or read it.. it’s for mature adults secure in their sexuality… not fledglings… let the rest of the world play and please! Get over yourself… I’m sorry you don’t have better things to do with your time than obsess about how others spend theirs.

There’s rules to BDSM… the sub has the power. It’s a trust relationship, I don’t trust anyone enough to engage in this behavior but I think it’s WONDERFUL when someone else can and does trust someone enough for this.. Good for them.

Not my cup of tea, but again… it’s your bedroom… you do what you want in it as long as it’s consenting adults. What happened to Mind Yer Own Business? Where does this interference in other people’s bedrooms end? You can’t sleep with another woman/man… You can’t have it for fun: it’s for procreation… not recreation. Will you dictate the position, duration and purpose of sex? 

Thanks but no thanks!

This movie/book no more endorses abuse than an action movie endorses going out and blowing up cars.

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