Excerpt from Alleys 2:

“I’ll head back out before close up.” Don tossed over his shoulder while heading for the group of men who routinely played poker with Peanut. There was a chorus of ‘Hey Dons’ as he approached. “Hey guys; what are we playing for tonight?”

“Cigarettes; didn’t make much today on account o’ the rain. Jody’s cleaning us out.” Marvin engaged him in a complicated handshake then went back to concentrating on his hand. “Rain keeps everyone’s windows clean and closed. How ‘bout you?”

“I made a lil bit.” Don stood back with his arms crossed over his chest. Jody smiled wide and pushed a chair out with his foot as an invitation to join; Don grinned but shook his head. “My mama didn’t raise a fool Jody.” The guys erupted into raucous laughter.


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