Alleys and Broken Dreams:

Progress Report: Chapter 6… praise to a worthy opponent.

Dear Chapter 6,

You were a worthy adversary; you fought bravely but in the end: I conquered you. A twelve hour battle of wits and wordplay, stubborn determination and lots and lots of rearranging. In the end, we have both emerged from this missive battle better for the experience.

You threw missing words at me, but I found them and returned them to where they belonged once again. Without a drop of gratitude you returned my hard work with Run on sentences that were promptly reined in. Now two sentences work together building a better paragraph. Plot holes left by the rewrite of chapter 1, (A hostile chapter that one and a friend of yours I believe given your vigorous protestations at being changed.) have been filled in and the ride is now smoother. And then your final hurrah your absolute refusal to fit the page format… refusing to yield your ground you dragged the battle out beyond the 10 page limit.

After a vicious slashing of words and paragraphs you responded by leaving cryptic 1/2 formed thoughts. I parried your jabs with quick edits and sent you onto your back foot. With victory looming I gleefully warred with you well past a time I would’ve retired to my bed.

Finally…. you yielded and submitted to my will and have been molded you into what you should have been all along. We part as friends, for now… hope and pray I am not forced to return. Cry! Cry Chapter 6 and warn the others I am coming… and to lay down their faults, yield them peacefully for I shall have no mercy upon them!

~Your Author…

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