Alleys and Broken Dreams:

Chapter 7: Apparently you didn’t get the memo.

Chapter 7….

I will defeat you, even if that means splitting you up into two chapters and prolonging this editing. I’m in no mood to write a fancy rant so I’m keeping this one simple.

You clearly didn’t get the message or you completely ignored the warning to fall in line and be good. In either case: You suck!

You’re being difficult and I’m tired.Therefore I’m going to break you into little pieces and reassemble you whenever and however I see fit. I’m even bringing part of Chapter 3 in… So you’ll have to deal with that… and it’s going to make you a few pages longer than you need to be, which means you’re going to be divided up. Say your goodbyes now…

But first… some caffeine and breakfast.

~Your Grumpy Author

PS. I hate you… for now.


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