Having a bad morning…..

I’m sleepy, hungry, grumpy about my book and not sleeping.. and I felt whiney about it…. so I figure… food will help with some of this. I go in to make food and while it is cooking I get a soda… figuring caffeine right?

Well the freaking universe has other ideas I put it down and reach for the bread and I almost knock the damn bottle over. I’m grabbing for it and reach it just as it rights itself and is safe. I end up knocking the whole damn thing over onto the kitchen floor… which while anger inducing is still relatively easily cleanable. If only that was the end of it….but no the freaking bottle has to hit the cabinet and richo-freaking-chet into the living-room onto the god blessed carpet!

It’s still spewing frigging soda so…. I throw a towel on the kitchen floor and grab another for cleaning the carpet…. APPARENTLY it’s a the flipping towel had never felt hot water before and is partially red. So while I’m scrubbing the carpet the red section of the towel starts bleeding mother-blinking red damn dye onto the carpet.

I manage to get that cleaned up mostly and I’m mopping the floor when…. oh hell no! You’ve GOT to be kidding me?!!! no… no… yep! OMFG mother nature you (expletives deleted) I really really hate you right now. I almost had a complete nuclear meltdown… IF my bacon had burnt  I would have went supernova and there wouldn’t be an east coast right now.

And THAT is what why this morning can go do physically impossible things to itself with sharp objects in physically uncomfortable places.

PS: This is heavily edited and many many words were changed or deleted as to not offend too many people.

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