I need some help here:

I’m still new to blogging and linking this to that and blah blah’s but I’ve spent a lot of time building other media platforms and they aren’t connected yet. Here’s where ya’ll come in:

How do I make my wordpress blog entries show up on linkedin, my amazon author page, pintrest and what not? I linked my WP to twitter successfully some time ago, and I just figured out how to link my twitter to my FB… so now by proxy my WP shows up on my Facebook via twitter.

Thanks, it’ll save me writing time if I could figure this out.


1 thought on “I need some help here:”

  1. I’ve been having trouble linking it to linkedin to. I know you need to find your user id and put that in like you would for twitter and facebook in the publicize settings, but I either have no idea how to do that (or just failed in my attempts) or couldn’t I seem to put the right code/address/whatnot in the box…let me know if you figure it out 🙂


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