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EEEEK!!! I’m interviewed for the first time


Oh geez! Here comes the nerves! I hope I showed enough personality… ooh I hope I didn’t forget anything. It was a surprise to be asked. I don’t consider myself a “real author” yet.

Let’s think about that for a second. What makes a “real author”? Did I write a book? Yes.. yes I did… two of them and I’m working on a third actually. Then yes I’m an author, but what makes it “real”?

Does making money off a book make you a real author? I don’t know about that.. Tolkien died penniless but he’s most definitely a “real author”. Regardless of that stipulation, yes I’ve made some money off the books. Maybe it’s simply having people read the books? Then Check that’s happened too. And yet I don’t feel like a “real author”? Weird huh?

Okay I’m rambling because I’m excited! Point is… I have been interviewed for the first time as an author on a blog about Indie Authors by a fellow author. I’m super excited.

I met Jen Winters about a month ago and omg we’ve clicked in a major way! We’re on the fast track to best friends for life. I can see us cutting up and being stupid at a book-signing event/tour and Cons. She’s full of great ideas for marketing, writing, and just a super positive and upbeat person who’s really amazing. Raising kids, writing books, blogging and supporting Indie Authors, attending events and book launches. I don’t know how she does it, my kid is grown, and I’m addicted to stupid mindless facebook games and I don’t accomplish as much as she does in a day. We’re really good friends now

Please like her blog, buy her books… Be awesome to her.

Thanks for letting me spaz for a little while. 😀



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      1. This was me reading instead of writing last night. I did finish the chapter, but I should have gotten a bit more done, lik


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