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Things that happen at my house: Naming bugs

My son is talking to a friend of his online.. apparently there is a bug in his friend’s house and it’s about to meet it’s demise. This is actual conversation:

MY SON: Don’t kill Rick! There… I’ve named the bug, it’s scientific fact that when something has a name it’s harder to kill. Did it work?

HIS FRIEND: Awww Crap Rick has a busted wing… but he’s trying to walk it off. He’s resting under my chair.I’m gonna leave him alone for a bit… see what happens. Maybe he’s okay.

MY SON: So Rick lives under your chair?

HIS FRIEND: Yes…oh he’s flying around! Rick’s okay! Wait… no Rick is still under my chair..

MY SON: That’s Rick’s brother Bob… He’s coming in to check on him.


MY SON: Do you have 2 pet bugs named Rick and Bob now?

HIS FRIEND: Yes… damn you… I do.. and I really hate you right now.

And the weirdness gene has been passed to a new generation.. you’re welcome world! You’re welcome! 😀

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