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Aww Crap Chapter 7!

Chapter 7….

You are kicking my butt and annoying me to no end! I cannot believe I’ve been stuck on you for 11 whole days! And now I have to add a whole new chapter  because of all this! I swear it’s chapters like you that make me want to throw my hands up and scream obscenities.

I wish I could delete you but now I’m too invested in dealing with you. I’ve already split you up into two chapters and ripped out sentences. You’ve managed to set me back on my heels and waste valuable time; but know this chapter 7… I will not give up. I am tired and irritated, distracted by websites and promoting and playing games to regroup and then I will whup you into shape. I will win because I AM YOUR AUTHOR…I created you and I will recreate you. Straighten up!

Right now I hate you so much I cannot form artistic pretty words to complain. I need a nap..  you suck. Why are you being so difficult? *whines* You BROKE me…. for now.. I hope you’re happy.

Suck it Chapter 7.

Your Author


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