Alleys and Broken Dreams:, writing

Today…. Chapter 7. Your time is up! Bwah ha ha ha!

Dear Chapter 7… *insert heavy sarcasm here*

Last night while I was editing late into the evening I made a very very happy discovery. I realized that I was on page 9. More importantly the END of page 9. Do you know what that means? (I know you do you rotten *trails off mumbling*) That means only a half a page more and you’re a full-fledged completed chapter and I don’t have to look at yo’ face no mo! NEXT! Thaaaaz right Chapter 7 yer days are numbered!

4/22 it that number you arrogant, time vampire of a chapter! Today you will be completed! You took almost 2 or maybe even 3 weeks (a really long time you *expletive deleted*) but I am over you! And Chapter 6 too! I may even print you off just so I can do a victory dance on your pages! Yes, I am that aggravated with you, plus.. I could use the exercise. Not one snarky word about my weight Chapter 7… not one word! I’ll gut you and save you in word 3.0 or whatever and scramble your code so that no one can read you… EVER..

Nod if you understand this Chapter 7. I’m waiting….  Good boy!

~Your Author…

*stalks off grumbling about stubborn chapters and whatnot*

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