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Daily Post writing prompt: Menagerie

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Menagerie.”

I had pets… until 2 yrs ago but I do not have them now. We lost them one at a time since 2008 with Bear being the most recent.  I love pets.

I had 2 cats Tigger and Maybel. (Maybel was a little mentally special) and I had a dog. His name was Bear and he doted on Maybel, he was a Sheltie and he loved to herd the cats. Maybel never left the house but Tigger did. Bear would run out and bring him back in. Bear knew I wasn’t a strong swimmer and stressed out whenever I got into our pool. He would “rescue” me by tugging me back to the steps by my ponytail.

Tigger seemed to have had a heart attack or seizure and died. Bear was hit by a car and lost a leg, but it never slowed him down. We took Maybel and Bear to Texas and Bear stepped on Maybel as she was coming out from under the bed. All his weight (70 lbs) on one leg on her chest.. fractured her ribs and cut into her diaphragm. She had to be put down.

Then Bear had a stroke a couple of years ago. He was such a sweet baby, I miss him every day…. I am not ready to replace him with another dog. It wouldn’t be fair to the new dog… and the house we live in does not allow pets.We’re discussing getting another pet.

3 thoughts on “Daily Post writing prompt: Menagerie”

    1. I do…. I just want to make sure I’m fair to the pet. Worst thing you can do is go out and get a new one too quickly.

      Bear was 14, Tigger was 12 and Maybel was 10.

      It’s not fair to get a new one and then compare it to the pet before. Could lead to misplaced anger… resentment and what not.

      I’ll get one when I’m ready. Maybe 2! 😀


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