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Daily Prompt: The Happy Wanderer? Ummmm usually but not this time.a

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Happy Wanderer.”

As a person who is about to go on a very long trip… I’m not happy. My style? I need a week to get my house clean and clothes picked out. New socks, snack foods.. soda and fun stuff to do along the way. I put it all together and then dread the departure date. I plan everything up to the actual take off and then it’s all about whatever happens happens. We’re driving until we decide to stop… and hubby is the type to go robotic when he drives.. he doesn’t get hungry, he doesn’t need to go bathroom… I will have to force him to stop. Remind him I’m human and need to walk around once in a while. We have different driving styles.

This time I’m heading to Arizona.. driving. (BLECH) We are delivering a gooseneck trailer to another company, I was trying really hard to get my son to go with hubby instead of me. I was looking forward to having a couple of weeks to myself and focusing on my writing. Getting some exercise and just being hormonal and lazy. Instead I’m leaving my son alone for the first time for at least 2 weeks, we got him foods he can cook, snacks and enough soda and whatnot to last him for a while.

I’m nervous and not feeling well. Stomach pain, no appetite and occasionally running a fever. I want to crawl in bed and forget the world exist. Can’t do that though 😦

To prep for the trip today, I figured out how to make the gooseneck apparatus work on a big truck and I helped change a headlight in a Duely big GMC truck. And I helped line up the trailer hitch and ziptied some wires up off the ground. I packed my bag, went grocery shopping, did the dishes, sorted out. Cleaned the bathrooms, took the trash out and mopped the floors. I do NOT want to come home to housework… the boy BETTER take care of the house while I’m gone or… he’ll have a hard time walking with my foot broke off in his butt!

I bought a couple of variety word puzzle books, I’ve got a laptop and my kindle… and a some playing cards and art supplies to keep me busy on the trip. I’ve got my art pencils and sketch pads… and I’ve printed off a few chapters of my book so I can read over a hard copy when the laptop battery dies.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a good road trip to visit family and going on vacations and such. (This is not going to be the case.) I love discovering new places and meeting new people and all that. Road trips are fun…but it’s stressful. It’s fun to get the cooler and snacks and all ooooh we gotta get the pain meds loaded up. One of us WILL get a headache… or backache… and I’ll get heartburn.

I think I’m all ready to go but we’ll get about 3 hrs into the trip and I’ll remember something I forgot to get and I’ll be upset about it the whole way there.  And I lubs and will miss my internets 😦  I’m not sure when I’ll get to post on here but will try to keep updates on what we see… and share the trip with ya’ll. 😀

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