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Today’s travel adventure: April 30th

Today has sucked…. it started out okay but things quickly went downhill. Hubby got a headache shortly after we started the trip and then started talking weird… he wouldn’t finish a sentence.. he would switch what he was saying mid sentence. He said he was fine.. he could count to 10, he said his alphabet in french, his pupils were the same size, his smile wasn’t lopsided.. his tongue wasn’t crooked. He’d seem to be okay and then he wouldn’t be. I don’t know what was wrong, it was like he was drunk and couldn’t focus. We’re thinking maybe it was a reaction to a medication he took, or maybe while prepping the vehicle for travel that he might have accidentally ingested one of them.

As far as the drive went we made excellent time, even through Atlanta traffic. I made him pull over and I took over driving. Here’s something… I’ve NEVER driven a vehicle with a trailer on it… ever… much less one with a 30 ft one on the back. I am glad to say it’s way easier than I thought, no one died… and no property damage occurred. I’m good so long as it’s forward travel.. I cannot back the thing up very well and a few curbs were run over.

We drove 12 hrs… hubby improved after a nap. He’s been under a lot of stress with the buy out and closing this warehouse down and now this trip and me being unemployed and stress!!! He hadn’t been sleeping well.. or eating or drinking so I’m hoping it is just exhaustion.

Oh! I found a city named Kewanee.. I’ll be attaching a photo later. 😀

We’re in a hotel now, the trailer lights stopped working for some reason and we have to have it looked at. The hotel is nice, We have a couch and fridge and microwave and a huge king sized bed. I made a new friend in the parking lot. A Nice black lady, we struck up a conversation because I thought I was blocking her in. Her little boys were saying a woman couldn’t drive a big truck and didn’t believe I was driving it. She lifted them up to see and it was funny to see their eyes get all wide. I told them… “You can do whatever you set your mind to, don’t let anyone tell you that you CAN’T be this or that… just because you’re a girl or anything else.

I parked the truck and went to my room for a nice hot shower and some internet time. Which is what I’m doing now.

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