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Lonely stretches of highway: the last thing you wanna see when you have to pee!


When you’re on a long road trip and need to go and this stretches out in front of you forever and ever and ever. If you’re a guy the world is literally your toilet. You can stand on the side of the road or duck into some bushes. This is not so for women. We have to squat… and in west Texas that can be a dangerous proposition! There’s fireants, there’s rattlesnakes and humongous spiders just waiting to sink a fang into a desperate someone’s unsuspecting private areas!

Now… as if that wasn’t bad enough we’re driving along this desolate highway and we come across a woman sitting on a suitcase. There’s a few things that come to mind upon seeing this. I mean she’s in the middle of nowhere, there’s no bus stops, no houses…. there’s no nothing.

What is she doing out there? Who was she waiting for? WHY?!  I’m thinking… someone got tired of listening to her nagging or did she get so sick of someone else? Was whoever left her there going to come back? Was this a spat or a serious break up? I dunno! I’ve got story ideas whirling around in my head though! As soon as I have time I’ll write them and post them here. 😀

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