Our trip to Arizona

Travel log: Rt 66!


I forget what day it was… but on our way to Arizona we traveled part of the famous Route 66 and at the midway point there was a restaurant and we had to make a pitstop. They sold pie… and it was fricking delish! I wanted Banana Cream Pie so I got Chocolate Cream pie and it was homemade nommage of the highest echelon of pie-dom!!

IMG_5631 IMG_5635

They also had Mater the tow truck and there was writing all over it, not sure what all was written there. I had a bunch to say about all this but I didn’t get to post then and it’s been a week and I’ve forgotten some of what I wanted to say. LOL!

Hubby found a guy there that was from Baltimore too and they talked over coffee while I ran to the bathroom and the gift shop. We picked up some postcards and pie… and generally just took a break from the road. Let me tell you something about going from Texas to Arizona… it’s a long…. long… tiring… trip! Exhausting!

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